Sunday, September 5, 2010

Make Earth a better place to live!!!!!!

just sitting idle was thinking that if we be alive till the day of judgement  how willl the lifestyle be just before the day of judgement!!!!!
A lot of ideas were floating in my mind about what the feeling would be like!!!!
There would be no water!!!!!
The temperature would be soaring above 70 degrees atleast!!!!!!!
But we would adapt as we always do!!!!
The world would be a perfect example of the what we say survival of the fittest!!!!
The adaptation process would include us becoming more inclined towards cannibalism!!!
Just as the snakes eat their own breed in order to survive we would take the que from them!!!!
What would make us resort to this is the fact that their would be nothing of sort or substance to hunt for meat and as a person needs to eat to survive he would have no other option!!!!!!!
We would have to rely on our natural predative instincts to survive!!!!!!
The blood coming out of the slayed being would be used as a drink!!!!!
A drink which would vitalize the human body and satisfy its soul!!!!!!
The human soul would feel the guilt of killing its own race but it would set its priorities on survival!!!!!
There would be no homes and no shelter!!!!!
Humans would have to do what the big cats had been doing for centuries!!!!!!
The scenario somehow would look similar to the human past!!!!
when they would have done all this for survival and came up with innovative ideas along the way!!!!!
Be it by the Help of God or by the use of the human brain!!!!!
The brain that was gifted to Man to make use of in the right vain!!!!!!
The fact was that our ancestors had not seen the world before!!!!!
It was a totally new experience for them and they had the idea of a bright future ahead of us!!!!!
Although our behaviour woold match that of our ancestors in the future but the situation would be different!!!!!
We won't be looking at the bright side of things!!!!!
just waiting for the dooms day to occur!!!!
No future to look forward to!!!!
So the sark won't be there in us to succeed!!!!!
and that would tie us down of not making any progress!!!!!
Now if we come back to the present we should realize that we are making earth a worst place to live for ourselves to live in the future as well as the generations to come!!!!!
The main reason why the temperature would rise and is rising is because of the global warming!!!!!
The increase in temerature!!!!!
The sun beating down with no mercy makes me feel low already!!!!!
The natural disasters such as the hurricanes,tsunamis and floods have been credited to global warming!!!!!
Now what causes global warming????\
Its our habbits and usage of appliances as well as the materials we use cause this!!!!
The excessive use if CFC containing appliances and products!!!!!
So we humans are somehow responsible for all the abnormalities and the calamities that are happening today!!!!
And would be in the future as well!!!!
if we dont change our lifestyle!!!!!!!!!
its not too late still to bring a positive change!!!!!
To make earth a better place to live!!!!!!
For ourselves and for our coming generation!!!!!!!
By taking measures such as recycling,reusing and minimal use of products and appliances which in any way harm the environment!!!!!!!!!