Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What If...........

One of the hardest things is to tackle the WHAT IF.....
The most intriguing part about life is when we think of all the scenarios with a WHAT IF...
I may sound a little crazy but I guess I can write about it here because of the blog being already dedicated to all the useless stuff that i come up with and want to share with the world.
There is a quote that I heard a lot in my childhood that the curiousity killed the cat and I was constantly reminded that the cat in fact depicted a Human and in particular the person that was made to listen the quote, the lesson being that being overly being curious is sometimes good but over excess of it can lead you in to trouble that you may not ever recover from!
Kind of extremely scary to even think about being stuck in a seemingly bottomless pit with no emergency exit, being extremely out of place and having to spend the rest of your life in the same scenario, looks like a totally hopeless case with the person involved loosing hope but instead what he can get is the personal satisfaction of knowing that atleast he tried, he believed that he could make ammends even if in the end he was not able to, things did not go as planned and he could be closer to God or any other religious affiliation that the particular person may have, having hope till the end that even if he dies there is a greater force above that could bring justice and I believe that this hope till the end makes us live a fulfilling life, a life without regrets and most importantly the life without any concept of a WHAT IF!!
To me what sounds scarier than being in a bottomless pit after trying is not trying at all and there is no particular rule that defines the extent of your curiousity and creativity, I mean surely sometimes our curiousity may lead us to situations that we may find hard to tackle but sometimes or should I be saying most of the time it makes us feel at peace with ourselves, more eager to move forward, to experience, to learn and most importantly to live properly!
I just think think that if the caveman that discovered fire was not curious enough to touch it he would not have been able to come to a conclusion that it burnt and was painful and now what at first might have seemed painful to a particular person is the greatest invention of all time. It must have hurt the caveman but it helped the human race to evolve and be a model for those who wished to learn never to touch fire ever again but Its like there are certain things that seem like a mistake but you have to make that mistake knowing in your heart that it is a mistake to start with but you go ahead anyway to experience the feeling!!
I Guess I should end the crazy thoughts for now!!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Renewed Hope And A New Beginning

With the new year Finally here we are, or atleast I am left to review the year that has left me, making me realise that I have real soul searching to do!!
None of you may be interested in reading what I have to say or state but then again the whole blog is dedicated to Useless Stuff that may or may not link to what happens in my life personally or to reflect on how my life may or may not have become Useless!!
Every year we have such high hopes of a better beginning, a fresh start for some or to seek a moment of inspiration that we weren't able to find the previous year!!
Last year was not that bright or inspiring for me to talk about..........
I guess i have nothing more to say so turning to the reflective side of the post!!
I met a lot of new People, almost all of them were so sweet and co-operative but  am extremely curious to know what people that I met thought of me!!!
If I meet new people then definately they meet the new refined me and we both don't know a single thing about one another!!
We can either be extremely good friends or companions!!
Even be as Close as a Brother!!
We could just not make it across the line, not knowing the reason for the feeling but knowing for sure that no matter how hard we would try the relation or a feeling of warmth would just not be there!!
There is NO third option!!
Makes me wonder If there is a Third option in Life!!
We are not certain..
And yet in life we always search for the third option!!
A safer side!!
And do we end up in trouble!!
I most definately do!!
Makes me wonder even more about the third option and all i get in my head is that i does not exist, but my heart differs, again not knowing the feeling it does!!
There is life and then there is death!!
According to what humans can imagine, think and precieve we are certain that there are only two Conditions!!
Either you are Alive or you are Dead!!
If there is any other state only God knows about it!!
Which makes me wonder if we Don't know about the third option Does God want us to find it or Is He trying to say that Only he is capable of Juggling between the options!!
I always try to keep a balance in whatever I intend to do!!
Only to be considered a Good personal with a good moral and upbringing!!
But what if such a thing does not exist!!
Have always felt that I have been loosing when i was certain in my head of my success!!
What if this is God's way of telling me that you have chosen the wrong path, the wrong way!!
Making me believe that I can be either outwardly positive or be negative and let the whole world see the person I am!!
What if after all the feeling of loss and depressiveness God has Success lined up for me!!
There is also a Dialogue from a Film of SRK (the only hero that i follow that closely) that "Haar kar jeetnay walay ko bazigar kehtay hain"
Am I destined to be a Bazigar or like any Hero for that matter that keeps getting beaten and bruised and faces all the hardships but in the end is the happiest of the lot!!
Would the happiness be worth all the hardships faced!!
I certainly hope so!!
Is it true that its not the end yet and someone saying to me
"Picture abhee baqi hai meray dost"
This thought makes me move forward and makes me intend to keep the path I have taken!!
Following the heart and searching for a third option even if it means more uncertainty and tumult even in the long run!!
Praying deep in my heart that everything turns out better than I ever plan or can preceive!!
I guess that is the spirit that the new year brings!!
One day you are feeling beaten to the ground and you still manage to beat all the bad guys, all the problems!!
A feeling of RENEWED HOPE and the prospect of a NEW BEGINNING and a better life!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

If I was to become the President of Pakistan

A Million thoughts surround my mind as to what I would do when I would be in-charge of the seat!!
Well firstly I would thank the public that they trusted and believed in me that I was worthy of the seat and that they wont do the same mistake of trusting me and believing in me, and that I would assure them would be a promise from my side!
I expect the first few days to be extremely busy, taking oath, dealing with the press and putting up a mask to fool the general public, making them believe for the slightest moment that the choice they made was a good one and that me taking the oath would start about a revolution for the betterment of the country!
Keeping the mask on I would openly invite the other leaders be it in the opposition or the government to be on friendly terms and establish my image as the one who truly cares and would go the max length possible for the better future of the country!!
I would make a lot of fake promises to the public and in front of the media, a strategic move because by now the media and the people would start trusting me blindly!!
Now I would relax a little, enjoying the luxuries that I once dreamt of, I always had this fantasy of turning on all the lights in the house and not having to worry at all!!
When I would do that as a child my parents responded :"Haraam ka maal hai??"
I wish my father was alive but I dearly hope that my mother sees the day I respond :"Awaam ka maal hai" Im unsure what the reaction of my mother would be but for me that would be a perfect reply to the question that they asked me as a child!!
A leap forward of two years would suggest that no progress was made, then i would play the blame game, blame it on the one who was previously in charge, going by the trend the people would still somehow believe me and a year would pass peacefully!!
In the final year i would think and i am sure of it that i can no longer put the mask on and in my head i would think in dexter's tone that the mask indeed was heavy, now people will see the real, corrupt and evil me, making the people pay for trusting and believing in me, now with the real me in the open, people would realize that I in actual damn care about the country, realizing that all I ever cared was of my luxury, my life and nothing else!!
People would protest and I would punish them by not giving them any electricity and make them experience a trailer of Hell, I would be untouchable because I would be the president, and no one could do any harm to me so why should I have to worry!!
While the people would protest, I would think that how foolish of them to react like cry babies, as If their protests actually matter to me!!
I would be what Michael Corleone was in Godfather II, having the power to do whatever i want to, no restrictions and no accountabilty!!
In a way I would be living the perfect life for atleast the five years, as the country's history suggests!!
Even after that I would sit idle and reflect on the great time I had being the president of Pakistan and continuing the trend that the earlier leaders set!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Playing "Election-Election"

The state of the country compels me to write a blog after such a long time!!
Infact why blame the country!! Hasnt it given us what actually we all wanted to have!! The blame is on the people who live within!!
But back to the topic i guess which i want to discuss and to let people know how i feel about what is actually happening! My take on the world, my take on the country and my take on the people!!!
What compels me to write is the discussions we are having these days about the upcoming elections!
Got into a discussion with my friend and realised that we the people are so self centered!! And that aspect shows in the discussions as well!! We actually dont care what would happen and indulge in discussions, thinking of it as a smart way to ward off boredom!!
We like talk of all the big things and no one wants to jump into it!! Politics i mean to say!! Thinking of it as a filthy business!! And those who do go for it they do for the glamour and the money it brings!! And that self centered approach bleeds through to the society like an addiction!! Now about the general public including me and whoever wants to volunteer!! We often say that loadshedding has been a big problem!! Is it?? Or should it be for the people who have arranged for an alternative source of energy to keep their house lit!! Amongst all the darkness your's is the only house being lit is taken as a status symbol!! Do we really care for someone outside the house?? Outside the family?? And people expect us to care for our country!!!
We the future intellectuals in reality know nothing in reality! Or are running away or ignoring what is in front of us!! Really caring citizens of a great country i must say!!
With the officials and so called heroes and saviours being self centered (corrupt), the so called intellectuals in the same vane how could the majority of the under-previliged be left behind!!
How can we assume that the country would be in the hands of someone who would keep it safe!!
The spirit of democracy died along with Muhammad Ali Jinnah!! On the same day, at the same time!! Coincedence isnt it? Bhutto made an effort to restore it and is appreciated till date!! The rest is a tale to forget!! What i feel is the only department working is the Defence (Army) who selflessly look after the country!! And are the real heroes that need to be appreciated!! Progression maybe difficult but we dont want the state to detoriate! And the Army could be the perfect foil to keep it protected!!! Bt one man stands out that would be Imran Khan!! Who gave us two best institutes! Namely Namal and Shaukat Khanam!! Doing selflessly for the people what the army does!! I now am not such a huge fan of democracy and feel if the country would be under the army and backing imran khan then the country would progress and be protected at the same time!! I dont see this happening but i hope it would be a reality some day!! I also hope that someone from any corner of Pakistan would agree or see as to what i see and to assume what it would be like if what i stated becomes true, so that i wont feel like a retard,socially unacceptable drunk and out of my mind after writing this blogpost!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My First Piece Of Poetry!!

Phir mehfil main tanha aj yahan baitha hun!
Na jaane kis ke yad dil main liye baitha hun!
Bheer main bee tanha mehsus kyun karta hun!
Na jaane kis kee yad dil main liye baitha hun!
Hun kyun main zamanay se itna ghaafil!
Bus yahe baat samajhnay aj yahan baitha hun!
Zindagee ka to kuch pta nhe mujhko!
Faqat zindagee k guzar jaane k intezar main yahan baitha hun!
Na jaane kya mor dikhaye ge ye zindagee!
Ab bas akhree mor k intezar main yahan baitha hun!
Na jaane kitne dard diye tune mujhko!
Aaj kuch aur dard phr se sehnay yahan baitha hun!

There is nothing in it to actually blog about but just that i tried to do some poetry and wrote what i had in mind!!!!
so Maybe a little similar to whatever i blog!!!
which is also what i think,precieve and then write what i have in mind!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Living in the world of deception!!

just was wondering that is the world that we live in a reality or an illusion!!
Many would have discussed that and concluded themselves about the matter!!
Doesnt sound interesting when thousands of people have already discussed that!!
Does it??
Dont know about the readers but the topic doesnt appeal to me anymore!!
Then a thought struck my brain!! A question that i desperately wanted to seek an answer to!!
Do we live in the world full of deception!!
What we see is not what the actual picture is!!!
It sometimes is beyond our horizon of thoughts!!
In every aspect of lives we are being decieved!!
The children decieve the parents in most of the cases and sometimes the parents do that to the children as well!!
But sometimes we are decieved in such a way that we dont know ourselves about that!!
What we are fed through media is like the slow poisoning of the soul and adversly affecting our personalities!!
We are exposed to things prematurely!!
Like be it advertisements of drugs etc! Mean to say that we are exposed to the negatives of life early!!
Making us believe it to be the norm of the society!!
And being too used to it to object!!
We are decieved to believe what actually isnt!!
The picture that is shown to us isnt the real picture or depicting the whole story!!
Take the example of religions for example!
Christians believe in One God,we do so as well!!
Its just that we donot associate anyone with God and they do!! But they believe that the God is One! The supreme!!
They believed in the existence of lucifer and we in the satan,one and the same thing!!
But our differences grew because we were made to believe what actually it isnt!!
No offence to any christians of today but 70% of the christians deny the existence of lucifer!! Because they have been made to believe so!!
We in this world are after physical pleasures ignoring the soul and its need to be purified!!
We are being decieved to believe!!
Decieved to believe what actually isnt the truth!
Decieved to believe in the fabricated version of the life and teaching of jesus!!!
Now lets talk about us muslims!!
We have been made to believe of different sects through deception!!
So that we may never remain united!!
Fight for no reason and shed the blood of our own community!! We fail to understand the we in reality are Muslims,believing in all the 5 pillars and fundamentals of islam!! It is because we are made to believe so!
Through the art of deception!! Be it of satan,zionists or free masons!!
They are our enemies and they know us better than we know about ourselves!!
What i believe is that its a battle from within a person,a battle of the soul,to guard it against corruption and to make it pure!! If we win that battle than we are unmatched to any species that exist in the universe! If only we can make our soul pure!!
Its a tough ask but not impossible even if we live in the world of deception!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pakistan A land of the Pure!!!

Just read a blog yesterday from a friend of mine criticizing our country of being not so pure despite being called the land of the pure!!
He may have his view about the country we live in and i would have my point of view!!
So we are bound to differ as my blog would show now!!
First of all let us think into the fact that why is Pakistan called the land of the pure in general!!
Depends on how a person precieve the word of pure!!
For me absolutely no doubt that the people of Pakistan are pure hearted!!
Sticking strongly to their ideologies and what they deem is right!!
We are like a huge pile of sand that sparkles individually in the light of the sun!!
Immensely talented and hard working having a pure heart!!
If only we unite and work as a unit then we would be incomparable to any country in this world!!
Majority of the people reside in the rural areas! Having no technological gadgets to help them achieve their task!!
They work day in and day out for their own living and the prosperity of the country!!
All they have(the people in the rural areas consisting of more than 60% of the total population) is the strength,desire to succeed and a PURE heart!!
Now ask any person who once visited Pakistan in its hay days!!
The one thing that he will tell you is that how hospitable we are as a nation!!
We treat the guests as if they are from another planet!!
Don't we???
Its only the recent outcomes from the terrorism that has adversely affected our tourism industry!!
The country is an eye candy and a visual treat as far as its natural beauty is concerned!
Such a PURE environment when we pay a visit there!!
With the people being so welcoming as i have mentioned above!!
Our agricultural product are in the highest demand in the international market!!
In the form of raw cotton or rice for that matter!!!
That reflects our PURITY in our dealing and in our land that produces products of the highest quality!!!
Lets move towards the cottage industry!!
The goods that are made are PURELY based on the skill of the person!!
Be it carpet weaving or the manufacturing of the sports goods!!
The quality of the goods reflect how PURE we are in whatever we do!!
I believe that these are the facts that only we as Pakistani nationalists know!!
And the authenticity of these facts can never be challenged!!
But sadly enough these facts dont get projection and importance!!
Why would they get importance??
Because no one wants to know or to even look into the brighter side of our country!!
Everyone is projecting and trying to defame our country by only addressing and highlighting the negative aspects like terrorism in the form of suicide bombings,how unstable the country is,affects of flood like calamities etc!!
Never ever have i heard in the news nowadays that how positively we are tackling the issue of terrorism,how enthusiastic we are and the measures taken to help the flood affectees!!
And how the majority of the people are positive even when there is a dark heavy cloud of negativity above us!!
No one is perfect i agree! Socially we may not be standing in good stead but overall we are a great nation,having huge capability and definitely are a land of the pure from the way i look at it!!
Now for the disclaimer part!
Wrote what i thought and believed! My blog,my though and my approach!!
If it was offensive,didnt want it to be that way intentionally!
Put my point forward and would like to add that my friend quoted from fox news in which they called us ****istan!!
And we are proudly agreeing to that and quoting that channel who itself has a checkered history!!
Anyway its upto the people who read my blog to come up with the opinion be it in favor or against what i have in mind and what i just wrote!