Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pakistan A land of the Pure!!!

Just read a blog yesterday from a friend of mine criticizing our country of being not so pure despite being called the land of the pure!!
He may have his view about the country we live in and i would have my point of view!!
So we are bound to differ as my blog would show now!!
First of all let us think into the fact that why is Pakistan called the land of the pure in general!!
Depends on how a person precieve the word of pure!!
For me absolutely no doubt that the people of Pakistan are pure hearted!!
Sticking strongly to their ideologies and what they deem is right!!
We are like a huge pile of sand that sparkles individually in the light of the sun!!
Immensely talented and hard working having a pure heart!!
If only we unite and work as a unit then we would be incomparable to any country in this world!!
Majority of the people reside in the rural areas! Having no technological gadgets to help them achieve their task!!
They work day in and day out for their own living and the prosperity of the country!!
All they have(the people in the rural areas consisting of more than 60% of the total population) is the strength,desire to succeed and a PURE heart!!
Now ask any person who once visited Pakistan in its hay days!!
The one thing that he will tell you is that how hospitable we are as a nation!!
We treat the guests as if they are from another planet!!
Don't we???
Its only the recent outcomes from the terrorism that has adversely affected our tourism industry!!
The country is an eye candy and a visual treat as far as its natural beauty is concerned!
Such a PURE environment when we pay a visit there!!
With the people being so welcoming as i have mentioned above!!
Our agricultural product are in the highest demand in the international market!!
In the form of raw cotton or rice for that matter!!!
That reflects our PURITY in our dealing and in our land that produces products of the highest quality!!!
Lets move towards the cottage industry!!
The goods that are made are PURELY based on the skill of the person!!
Be it carpet weaving or the manufacturing of the sports goods!!
The quality of the goods reflect how PURE we are in whatever we do!!
I believe that these are the facts that only we as Pakistani nationalists know!!
And the authenticity of these facts can never be challenged!!
But sadly enough these facts dont get projection and importance!!
Why would they get importance??
Because no one wants to know or to even look into the brighter side of our country!!
Everyone is projecting and trying to defame our country by only addressing and highlighting the negative aspects like terrorism in the form of suicide bombings,how unstable the country is,affects of flood like calamities etc!!
Never ever have i heard in the news nowadays that how positively we are tackling the issue of terrorism,how enthusiastic we are and the measures taken to help the flood affectees!!
And how the majority of the people are positive even when there is a dark heavy cloud of negativity above us!!
No one is perfect i agree! Socially we may not be standing in good stead but overall we are a great nation,having huge capability and definitely are a land of the pure from the way i look at it!!
Now for the disclaimer part!
Wrote what i thought and believed! My blog,my though and my approach!!
If it was offensive,didnt want it to be that way intentionally!
Put my point forward and would like to add that my friend quoted from fox news in which they called us ****istan!!
And we are proudly agreeing to that and quoting that channel who itself has a checkered history!!
Anyway its upto the people who read my blog to come up with the opinion be it in favor or against what i have in mind and what i just wrote!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Wishing for a MIRACLE!!

just thought abt writing a blog on what i am thinking at the moment!!
So late into the night my brain comes up with such unique and crazy ideas like what if i was the king of the world??
How the world would be under my rule!!
Such an optimistic and crazy thought!!
Bt do i really want to be one citing the current circumstances!!
Do i being a muslim be able to run the world where moral and ethics are vanishing!!
Where there is a lot of forbidden things dne on the name of culture and traditions!!
Where we dnt value the life of our fellow beings!
Millions of people are dying!! Because of non other than us!!
Being a muslim i was taught that human rights are of paramount importance!!
That God will forgive if we dnt perform what are his rights bt will never forgive a breach in human rights!! Unless the person decides to do so!!
Now do we realise what the human rights are that we have to fulfill!!!
I guess we dnt have a clue!!
We are not respecting one of Gods greatest creations as far as brain power is concerned! Would God like it that way!!
Nw take that aspect aside for a sec!
Would the people forgive the tyrants due to which their whole life is in tatters!!
And we are as muslims becoming tyrants on the name of jihad!!
By blowing themselves up!!
And while they are abt to do that the thought in their mind is an abode in paradise!
What a wishful and optimistic thing!
Seemingly as imposible as me becoming a king of the world!!
Got detracted frm the topic a little bt what i wanted to say was that would i be able to stand in front of God being responsible for whatever is happening in the world if i was the ruler!!
No i wouldnt!!
Because i would have been accountable for every living thing tht is on the land!!
And we are talking here abt hundreds of men dying everyday!!
This thought brings me back to the reality of life!!
No need for a pinch to get me back frm my dream into the reality! Just the realisation and the thought is enough!
To make me remain wide awake!!
Make me have sympathy for the leaders and kings we have nw accountable for things that they may never have thought of!!!
I want the world to be a better place to live!
Again wishful thinking from my side!!
I guess most of you who would finish reading my blog must be thinking that i am wishing for a miracle to happen!!
I am optimistic though because i feel miracles do happen if ur belief in them is strong enough and with a long history being a proof of that!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All about our attitude and approach!!!!!

today we are celebrating with full spirit the holy festival of Eid-ul-Azha!!!!!
On that day we pay homage to the sacrifice that Hazrat Ibrahim gave by sacrificing his son in the way of God!!!!!
The problem that we face now is that our generation nowadays donot deem it appropriate to carry out the act of sacrificing the animals that we purchase for the particular purpose and slay them openly!!!!!!!!!!
Majority of the people think that the way we slay the animals is beyond the boundary of humanity and is a violation of Animal rights!!!!!
The Question i have is that are we fulfilling the human rights first?????
No we are not to be very fair!!!!!!!
Thousands of people are losing their lives everyday and millions of families are affected due to our inhuman acts!!!!
Does anyone pay heed to that????\
Its a BIG FAT NO in this regard!!!!!!!
Now its all abt the priorities that we set and act accordingly!!!!!
Our top priority is the fulfillment of the human rights!!!!!!!
For me atleast it holds the top position in the list of priorities!!!!!!!
The dillema is that majority of the people think that by avoiding meat and the associated stuff they have fulfilled their rights in helping the environment!!!!!!
but if we value life so much then we should also keep in mind that the plants are also living creatures!!!!
they also have a life!!!!!
Its Only that they cannot move and talk!!!!!!!
The only eatable thing that we can eat without harming the environment and any other living creature is Honey!!!!!
and we cannot survive on that alone!!!!!!!
It is the spirit that counts in the holy festival that we celebrate!!!!!!!!!
And our attitude towards what is happening!!!!!!!!!!
If we take the ritual as compulsory and even if we think of it as gross or anything of that sort we must keep that in mind that it is an order frm God to whoever affords!!!!!!!!
now we must also realize that behind every order of God there is a positve outcome behind it!!!!!!!!
This event also teaches us that we have to obey Gods order!!!!!!!
And help us in the long run to invoke in us the spirit of sacrifice!!!!!
Plus the it is an occasion for the poor to celebrate as well!!!!!
those who cannot afford even a single time's meal can enjoy the flavor of meat and can eat a mouthful for atleast that particular day!!!!!!!
By sacrificing the animal we are pleasing God fulfiling the basic human right of helping the poor by giving them money for the purchase of the animal and by giving them food to eat!!!!!!!!
The animal rights are also kept in mind!!!!!!!
A week before the ritual the animals are looked after as they are the VVIPs!!!!!!!
All the needs of them are looked after!!!!!
They are walked around fed properly and cared for!!!!!!
Now what is inhuman and barbaric in that??????\\
we are establishing a bond of brotherhood by helping the poor and getting together and realize that neither money nor any form of life holds any importance for us!!!!!!!!!
On this note i wish the Whole nation and whoever reads my Blog a very happy Eid!!!!!!
Hope that my blog can make the people realize the importance of the event and i personally would feel that i have achieved a lot if my blog can help even a single person!!!!!!!!
It is all about our attitude and approach with what we precieve the things around us!!!!!!
if our mindset approach and attitude is positive then we can find all the positives in the world from the seemingly grossest things and acts!!!!!!!!