Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What If...........

One of the hardest things is to tackle the WHAT IF.....
The most intriguing part about life is when we think of all the scenarios with a WHAT IF...
I may sound a little crazy but I guess I can write about it here because of the blog being already dedicated to all the useless stuff that i come up with and want to share with the world.
There is a quote that I heard a lot in my childhood that the curiousity killed the cat and I was constantly reminded that the cat in fact depicted a Human and in particular the person that was made to listen the quote, the lesson being that being overly being curious is sometimes good but over excess of it can lead you in to trouble that you may not ever recover from!
Kind of extremely scary to even think about being stuck in a seemingly bottomless pit with no emergency exit, being extremely out of place and having to spend the rest of your life in the same scenario, looks like a totally hopeless case with the person involved loosing hope but instead what he can get is the personal satisfaction of knowing that atleast he tried, he believed that he could make ammends even if in the end he was not able to, things did not go as planned and he could be closer to God or any other religious affiliation that the particular person may have, having hope till the end that even if he dies there is a greater force above that could bring justice and I believe that this hope till the end makes us live a fulfilling life, a life without regrets and most importantly the life without any concept of a WHAT IF!!
To me what sounds scarier than being in a bottomless pit after trying is not trying at all and there is no particular rule that defines the extent of your curiousity and creativity, I mean surely sometimes our curiousity may lead us to situations that we may find hard to tackle but sometimes or should I be saying most of the time it makes us feel at peace with ourselves, more eager to move forward, to experience, to learn and most importantly to live properly!
I just think think that if the caveman that discovered fire was not curious enough to touch it he would not have been able to come to a conclusion that it burnt and was painful and now what at first might have seemed painful to a particular person is the greatest invention of all time. It must have hurt the caveman but it helped the human race to evolve and be a model for those who wished to learn never to touch fire ever again but Its like there are certain things that seem like a mistake but you have to make that mistake knowing in your heart that it is a mistake to start with but you go ahead anyway to experience the feeling!!
I Guess I should end the crazy thoughts for now!!