Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Living in the world of deception!!

just was wondering that is the world that we live in a reality or an illusion!!
Many would have discussed that and concluded themselves about the matter!!
Doesnt sound interesting when thousands of people have already discussed that!!
Does it??
Dont know about the readers but the topic doesnt appeal to me anymore!!
Then a thought struck my brain!! A question that i desperately wanted to seek an answer to!!
Do we live in the world full of deception!!
What we see is not what the actual picture is!!!
It sometimes is beyond our horizon of thoughts!!
In every aspect of lives we are being decieved!!
The children decieve the parents in most of the cases and sometimes the parents do that to the children as well!!
But sometimes we are decieved in such a way that we dont know ourselves about that!!
What we are fed through media is like the slow poisoning of the soul and adversly affecting our personalities!!
We are exposed to things prematurely!!
Like be it advertisements of drugs etc! Mean to say that we are exposed to the negatives of life early!!
Making us believe it to be the norm of the society!!
And being too used to it to object!!
We are decieved to believe what actually isnt!!
The picture that is shown to us isnt the real picture or depicting the whole story!!
Take the example of religions for example!
Christians believe in One God,we do so as well!!
Its just that we donot associate anyone with God and they do!! But they believe that the God is One! The supreme!!
They believed in the existence of lucifer and we in the satan,one and the same thing!!
But our differences grew because we were made to believe what actually it isnt!!
No offence to any christians of today but 70% of the christians deny the existence of lucifer!! Because they have been made to believe so!!
We in this world are after physical pleasures ignoring the soul and its need to be purified!!
We are being decieved to believe!!
Decieved to believe what actually isnt the truth!
Decieved to believe in the fabricated version of the life and teaching of jesus!!!
Now lets talk about us muslims!!
We have been made to believe of different sects through deception!!
So that we may never remain united!!
Fight for no reason and shed the blood of our own community!! We fail to understand the we in reality are Muslims,believing in all the 5 pillars and fundamentals of islam!! It is because we are made to believe so!
Through the art of deception!! Be it of satan,zionists or free masons!!
They are our enemies and they know us better than we know about ourselves!!
What i believe is that its a battle from within a person,a battle of the soul,to guard it against corruption and to make it pure!! If we win that battle than we are unmatched to any species that exist in the universe! If only we can make our soul pure!!
Its a tough ask but not impossible even if we live in the world of deception!!!