Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Playing "Election-Election"

The state of the country compels me to write a blog after such a long time!!
Infact why blame the country!! Hasnt it given us what actually we all wanted to have!! The blame is on the people who live within!!
But back to the topic i guess which i want to discuss and to let people know how i feel about what is actually happening! My take on the world, my take on the country and my take on the people!!!
What compels me to write is the discussions we are having these days about the upcoming elections!
Got into a discussion with my friend and realised that we the people are so self centered!! And that aspect shows in the discussions as well!! We actually dont care what would happen and indulge in discussions, thinking of it as a smart way to ward off boredom!!
We like talk of all the big things and no one wants to jump into it!! Politics i mean to say!! Thinking of it as a filthy business!! And those who do go for it they do for the glamour and the money it brings!! And that self centered approach bleeds through to the society like an addiction!! Now about the general public including me and whoever wants to volunteer!! We often say that loadshedding has been a big problem!! Is it?? Or should it be for the people who have arranged for an alternative source of energy to keep their house lit!! Amongst all the darkness your's is the only house being lit is taken as a status symbol!! Do we really care for someone outside the house?? Outside the family?? And people expect us to care for our country!!!
We the future intellectuals in reality know nothing in reality! Or are running away or ignoring what is in front of us!! Really caring citizens of a great country i must say!!
With the officials and so called heroes and saviours being self centered (corrupt), the so called intellectuals in the same vane how could the majority of the under-previliged be left behind!!
How can we assume that the country would be in the hands of someone who would keep it safe!!
The spirit of democracy died along with Muhammad Ali Jinnah!! On the same day, at the same time!! Coincedence isnt it? Bhutto made an effort to restore it and is appreciated till date!! The rest is a tale to forget!! What i feel is the only department working is the Defence (Army) who selflessly look after the country!! And are the real heroes that need to be appreciated!! Progression maybe difficult but we dont want the state to detoriate! And the Army could be the perfect foil to keep it protected!!! Bt one man stands out that would be Imran Khan!! Who gave us two best institutes! Namely Namal and Shaukat Khanam!! Doing selflessly for the people what the army does!! I now am not such a huge fan of democracy and feel if the country would be under the army and backing imran khan then the country would progress and be protected at the same time!! I dont see this happening but i hope it would be a reality some day!! I also hope that someone from any corner of Pakistan would agree or see as to what i see and to assume what it would be like if what i stated becomes true, so that i wont feel like a retard,socially unacceptable drunk and out of my mind after writing this blogpost!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My First Piece Of Poetry!!

Phir mehfil main tanha aj yahan baitha hun!
Na jaane kis ke yad dil main liye baitha hun!
Bheer main bee tanha mehsus kyun karta hun!
Na jaane kis kee yad dil main liye baitha hun!
Hun kyun main zamanay se itna ghaafil!
Bus yahe baat samajhnay aj yahan baitha hun!
Zindagee ka to kuch pta nhe mujhko!
Faqat zindagee k guzar jaane k intezar main yahan baitha hun!
Na jaane kya mor dikhaye ge ye zindagee!
Ab bas akhree mor k intezar main yahan baitha hun!
Na jaane kitne dard diye tune mujhko!
Aaj kuch aur dard phr se sehnay yahan baitha hun!

There is nothing in it to actually blog about but just that i tried to do some poetry and wrote what i had in mind!!!!
so Maybe a little similar to whatever i blog!!!
which is also what i think,precieve and then write what i have in mind!!!