Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Humanity And Its Role In Binding Us Together!!!

What is Humanity???
I just realised it now!!!
Its the force which binds us together!!!
Makes us work together and move forward in the right Direction!!!!
What are We???
We often associate ourselves with countries and religions but what we Firstly in the real sense are Humans!!!!
having almost the same features that all other humans around the world have!!!!
Its the caste,creeds,nationalities,religions that create a difference among us!!!!
But what we instinctively are all humans!!!!
Creatures who are at the top of the food chain!!!!
Who have immense Talent in Everything they do!!!!
Have made great strides as far as innovations are concerned!!!!
Are Mentally superior of all creatures big or small present in the world!!!!
Value relationships like no other creature!!!!
And are more protective as well!!!!!
But with the passing time they started forgetting what live actually teaches us!!!!
To remain United!!!
Not to fight for personal gains!!!
and to lend a helping hand to the whole mankind!!!!
But have realised that we still have that spirit left in us!!!
Just like in the situation of a catastrophic flood in pakistan all the major countries and communities in the world lent us a helping hand!!!!!
What relation did they have with us that they made such heavy donations!!!!
One tend to think that the flood had no effect on the other countries!!!!
They were sleeping peacefully and even now are when on the other hand people in our country are vying to stay alive!!!!!
Fighting a Battle of life and Death!!!
Knowing that a loss in this battle would be the end of their lives and the end of everything associated with them!!!!!!!
Maybe thats what made them more determined to fight it out!!!!
Hoping that someday soon they would be rescued and the road to recovery to them would start!!!!
HOPE of a better future and DETERMINATION to live is keeping the flood victims alive!!!!!
The basic and most important relation that they share with us is that of Humanity!!!!
And to create a Goodwill!!!!!
It was so nice and refreshing to see the international community by our side when we needed them!!!!
Needless to say that we would still have managed it had they not helped us!!!
Because it is basically our country and if there is a mishap or a natural calamity then we are the ones to help our fellow beings and would have managed it somehow knowing that God would help us in all matters of stress and trouble!!!!!
Maybe God wants us to have a new start with all the relationships we had with other countries!!!!
Or maybe he wants us to be ready for a stiffer challenge ahead!!!!
Thats what we cannot predict and Only God knows better!!!!!!
I take nothing away from  the internal forces helping the flood victims!!!!
The army was just brilliant in a situation not ideally suited and being able to work so swiftly shows alot of character and mental strength as well as physical that our Army possesses!!!!!!
No wonder they are rated among top armies of the world!!!!!
People and Icons werent far behind in motivating the people to help and leading by example!!!!!
Proud to be a part of a nation that possesses such great character,heart and mental strength that they are working endlessly so that the affectees of the flood be provided with a ray of hope!!!!
And that even when they Die they would think that it was what God had for them but had they survived a little longer they would definately have been rescued!!!
But this Incident on the whole leads me to believe that its humanity that binds us together to the rest of the world!!!!!
because in the end we all are humans sharing the same sentiments and emotions!!!!!!!!!


  1. well said ....someone said kay ..main aisay shakhs ko zindoon main kia shumar karonn...jo soochta bhi nahin , khawab dektha bhi nahin..it;s the time to give proof not only to others but to ourselves that we are still alive.Beenish.

  2. Wao
    how eloquently and simply put.
    Very true. Humanity is the cement that binds the bricks called human beings together, to form a 'Bigger Nation' that gives birth to Globalization, Unity and Oneness.

    And i believe tragedies have the tendency to help us, on one hand by making the affected ones strong and on the other hand, by bridging the gulf between the affected people and others of the 'Bigger Nation'.

    Great expression and sensitive and sensible piece of writing. KEEP WRITING! :)