Wednesday, August 18, 2010

INdependence Day Message!!!!!

Had a mixed Feeling two days back of Joy and Sorrow!!!!!
Was happy because Pakistan,A country enormously gifted by God with a rich Culture,Tradition and Heritage was celebrating its 63rd birthday!!Thats  no mean feat!!
Our elders have tried to hold it together and its us now who have to take up the mantle of taking care of our country because no one else can feel close to what we have in our country!!
I seriously  think that we are the only ones to take care of our homeland because if we don't we would we would be disrespecting and wasting the blood sweat and all the other hardships they endured during the process of making us an independent nation,a force to be reckoned with and a very proud community and laying the foundation for the future generation for progress by making the ultimate sacrifice of loosing their life and maybe this is the reason why true patriots feel that this country isn't only a piece of land we can roam freely and have rights!!!
It is Truly "Larger Than Life" as our elders proves it as they never feared of loosing their life for a greater cause!!!

Felt sad because many people who had the spark in their eyes and  dreams that they wished to fulfill were no longer with us in celebrating the event that they would have planned and loved to be a part of!!!!
So many plans theywould have made for themselves and the next generation not knowing that all their hopes,dreams and expectations would be wiped away with the end of their lives!!!!
Wished and prayed on this occasion and still do that may the souls of the people who suffered because of the flood rest in peace(RIP)
May God also give the strength in us that we be able to take up our responsibility of serving our nation and being proud and making others feel the same for what we do in the future for our country and paving the way by our acts a positive change that needs to occur and incur in people the true patriotic spirit!!!
Lastly do wish what is in the best interest of our Country with no second objective!!!
Long Live Pakistan!!!


  1. The feelings are nicely put Hayder.
    And what I think is that we CAN carry the dreams of those who lost their lives in the recent calamities in our Hearts and should strive hard to achieve what they wanted to achieve. Their dreams can become ours. Let us acknowledge them as Martyrs and let not the lamp they lighted ever extinguish.
    Keep writing and keep feeling for Pakistan. :)

  2. first of all hayder i am really proud of you that you have felt to that extent for your country and dreams of the nation..all we need now is the people who take some steps to make these dream realize.

  3. oh man........ tried to follow u nd wrote such a long comment..BT GOT DELETED BY MISTAKE.....UUURGH!!!!

    nyways really liked ur about me section..... its not often that we get to hear such honesty nowadays....

    nd itz good to c young generation feeling like this for their country..... afterall its gonna b their job to run it v soon.....

    I 2 felt really bad for all the people who never got a chance to celebrate pak's 63rd bday.....
    May Allah rest their souls in peace....... nd allow us to do all tht we could to get our muslim brothers and sisters out of this tyranny......ameeen!... May this nightmare end soon and things return to normal.......


  4. Thank you all for appreciating my work and motivating me to write and do what i suppose i am good at!!!
    oho tmhari sari mehnat zaya ho gayee!!
    So sad!!
    Anyway thanks for taking ur time to view my blog and to comment again!!!
    and glad that u liked abt me section!!!
    and i seriously feel what i wrote in this section!!
    Glad that u liked it!!!!
    kabhee mera patriotic face daikha nhee ho ga so bound to be shocked!!
    hai na??
    Anyway thanks for appreciating!!
    and motivating me to write!!!!
    yup we can make their dreams and aspirations come true!!
    and make their dreams ours!!!
    but for now the most important thing is that we make an effort/contribute in anyway possible to make sure that they survive and fulfil their dreams themselves!!!!

  5. hahahaha
    Nomi how sad :(( lolz
    but anyhow 'mehnat mein azmat hai!!'

    Hayder try finding some quotations and decorate ur blog yar.

    Soon there will be more articles and more guest here :)