Tuesday, June 19, 2012

If I was to become the President of Pakistan

A Million thoughts surround my mind as to what I would do when I would be in-charge of the seat!!
Well firstly I would thank the public that they trusted and believed in me that I was worthy of the seat and that they wont do the same mistake of trusting me and believing in me, and that I would assure them would be a promise from my side!
I expect the first few days to be extremely busy, taking oath, dealing with the press and putting up a mask to fool the general public, making them believe for the slightest moment that the choice they made was a good one and that me taking the oath would start about a revolution for the betterment of the country!
Keeping the mask on I would openly invite the other leaders be it in the opposition or the government to be on friendly terms and establish my image as the one who truly cares and would go the max length possible for the better future of the country!!
I would make a lot of fake promises to the public and in front of the media, a strategic move because by now the media and the people would start trusting me blindly!!
Now I would relax a little, enjoying the luxuries that I once dreamt of, I always had this fantasy of turning on all the lights in the house and not having to worry at all!!
When I would do that as a child my parents responded :"Haraam ka maal hai??"
I wish my father was alive but I dearly hope that my mother sees the day I respond :"Awaam ka maal hai" Im unsure what the reaction of my mother would be but for me that would be a perfect reply to the question that they asked me as a child!!
A leap forward of two years would suggest that no progress was made, then i would play the blame game, blame it on the one who was previously in charge, going by the trend the people would still somehow believe me and a year would pass peacefully!!
In the final year i would think and i am sure of it that i can no longer put the mask on and in my head i would think in dexter's tone that the mask indeed was heavy, now people will see the real, corrupt and evil me, making the people pay for trusting and believing in me, now with the real me in the open, people would realize that I in actual damn care about the country, realizing that all I ever cared was of my luxury, my life and nothing else!!
People would protest and I would punish them by not giving them any electricity and make them experience a trailer of Hell, I would be untouchable because I would be the president, and no one could do any harm to me so why should I have to worry!!
While the people would protest, I would think that how foolish of them to react like cry babies, as If their protests actually matter to me!!
I would be what Michael Corleone was in Godfather II, having the power to do whatever i want to, no restrictions and no accountabilty!!
In a way I would be living the perfect life for atleast the five years, as the country's history suggests!!
Even after that I would sit idle and reflect on the great time I had being the president of Pakistan and continuing the trend that the earlier leaders set!!


  1. "turning on all the lights in the house and not having to worry at all"
    ^^^ yea cause now even for that to happen light ka hona zaruri hai :P

    Overall you'll be like every president of Pak and I really appreciate the honesty :D

  2. Exactly, I will be carrying the flag forward, a legacy that co-incides with the past of all the presidents!!
    And president house main light nae jae ge even if there is no light in every corner of the country!!

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