Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pakistan A land of the Pure!!!

Just read a blog yesterday from a friend of mine criticizing our country of being not so pure despite being called the land of the pure!!
He may have his view about the country we live in and i would have my point of view!!
So we are bound to differ as my blog would show now!!
First of all let us think into the fact that why is Pakistan called the land of the pure in general!!
Depends on how a person precieve the word of pure!!
For me absolutely no doubt that the people of Pakistan are pure hearted!!
Sticking strongly to their ideologies and what they deem is right!!
We are like a huge pile of sand that sparkles individually in the light of the sun!!
Immensely talented and hard working having a pure heart!!
If only we unite and work as a unit then we would be incomparable to any country in this world!!
Majority of the people reside in the rural areas! Having no technological gadgets to help them achieve their task!!
They work day in and day out for their own living and the prosperity of the country!!
All they have(the people in the rural areas consisting of more than 60% of the total population) is the strength,desire to succeed and a PURE heart!!
Now ask any person who once visited Pakistan in its hay days!!
The one thing that he will tell you is that how hospitable we are as a nation!!
We treat the guests as if they are from another planet!!
Don't we???
Its only the recent outcomes from the terrorism that has adversely affected our tourism industry!!
The country is an eye candy and a visual treat as far as its natural beauty is concerned!
Such a PURE environment when we pay a visit there!!
With the people being so welcoming as i have mentioned above!!
Our agricultural product are in the highest demand in the international market!!
In the form of raw cotton or rice for that matter!!!
That reflects our PURITY in our dealing and in our land that produces products of the highest quality!!!
Lets move towards the cottage industry!!
The goods that are made are PURELY based on the skill of the person!!
Be it carpet weaving or the manufacturing of the sports goods!!
The quality of the goods reflect how PURE we are in whatever we do!!
I believe that these are the facts that only we as Pakistani nationalists know!!
And the authenticity of these facts can never be challenged!!
But sadly enough these facts dont get projection and importance!!
Why would they get importance??
Because no one wants to know or to even look into the brighter side of our country!!
Everyone is projecting and trying to defame our country by only addressing and highlighting the negative aspects like terrorism in the form of suicide bombings,how unstable the country is,affects of flood like calamities etc!!
Never ever have i heard in the news nowadays that how positively we are tackling the issue of terrorism,how enthusiastic we are and the measures taken to help the flood affectees!!
And how the majority of the people are positive even when there is a dark heavy cloud of negativity above us!!
No one is perfect i agree! Socially we may not be standing in good stead but overall we are a great nation,having huge capability and definitely are a land of the pure from the way i look at it!!
Now for the disclaimer part!
Wrote what i thought and believed! My blog,my though and my approach!!
If it was offensive,didnt want it to be that way intentionally!
Put my point forward and would like to add that my friend quoted from fox news in which they called us ****istan!!
And we are proudly agreeing to that and quoting that channel who itself has a checkered history!!
Anyway its upto the people who read my blog to come up with the opinion be it in favor or against what i have in mind and what i just wrote!


  1. You have the right to voice your opinion; that's what a blog is actually. Read it.... then it's up to you wether to agree or disagree..
    One thing which I truly loved here is your dedication and motivation :D

  2. How sweetly u tackled the issue Hayder... U impressed me to the fullest! Actually now I feel that ur cool nature comes and succeeds when my short-tempered approach kind of ruin things, (bcoz if I had written anything on the subject, which I wanted to, I would probably loose all control of myself, as I did when I read the original post) haha!
    Anyways coming back to this post,
    u defined Purity very well... What is the measure of purity, the scale I mean??
    Obviously purity lies in the hearts of COMMON INDIVIDUALS which make a nation and nourish a land. What is a land?? Soil particles? Of course not! Land is made my the people living there, and their hearts.

    As far as Pakistanis are concerned, perhaps we have got the purest hearts, something any other nation can only dream of having. And that is because of the way Religion, Culture, Literature, National History and Politics is dealt here.

    Hats off to the Pure ideologies our ancestors adopted from across the globe, ranging from ancient Rome to Persia, ideologies from throughout the world were adopted by our writers and thinkers, and fortunately their works are now in the roots of our society.

    You visit a far flung village, where people know nothing about the modern world and its Life, u will find Universal and PURE theories there, LIVING, most of the times credited by our Sufi poets!!

    Such traditions where character and faith are the strongest factors in Life, where people just dont do anything to get more and more money, or admission to a handsome foreign university or to improve their social class blah blah!!

    People say those societies are misogynist. Cases like Mukhtara Mai originates there, and women are not given equal rights... I would say go and see those areas where Women are the sole working-force... Things like carpet-weaving can not be done by Men as they require very delicate and fine hands, go and witness the true insights of this Land of Pure... In fact u dont even need to go anywhere, just try to feel the purity around u. Look around in ur own house, ur maids, the milkmen and gardeners who come at ur place, ur teachers, ur siblings and above all ur own parents, they are also part of this Land of Pure... Aren't they PURE?
    Iqbal said: "Blind is the Eye that sees sin and error, For the Sun does not find darkness wherever it looks."

    Simply LOVED ur post, and you amazed me as well as inspired me by the calmness and LOVE exhinited by ur pen!!

  3. vry true..... remember problem unhn pe atii hn who have abblity to takle them... and we r the nation who takld the problems........ i dnt think soo any other nation in the world can withsatnd the problems that we r facing and trying to find a solution of them.....

    u r vry rite about media the world media is tottaly one sided.... the international games r tyring to confront us evryday butt sitll we r fighting....

    We r the ones who sacrifzd our economy our peace our brothers and sisters to make earth free of terrorism..... does any country has that much courage????
    we r the ones who face countless problems evryday but still win glod medals in asian games and become t20 champs and reaches final ot us open......

    InshAllah we will overcome our all problems coz we have the abblity and the courage.... Long live Pakistan