Monday, November 22, 2010

Wishing for a MIRACLE!!

just thought abt writing a blog on what i am thinking at the moment!!
So late into the night my brain comes up with such unique and crazy ideas like what if i was the king of the world??
How the world would be under my rule!!
Such an optimistic and crazy thought!!
Bt do i really want to be one citing the current circumstances!!
Do i being a muslim be able to run the world where moral and ethics are vanishing!!
Where there is a lot of forbidden things dne on the name of culture and traditions!!
Where we dnt value the life of our fellow beings!
Millions of people are dying!! Because of non other than us!!
Being a muslim i was taught that human rights are of paramount importance!!
That God will forgive if we dnt perform what are his rights bt will never forgive a breach in human rights!! Unless the person decides to do so!!
Now do we realise what the human rights are that we have to fulfill!!!
I guess we dnt have a clue!!
We are not respecting one of Gods greatest creations as far as brain power is concerned! Would God like it that way!!
Nw take that aspect aside for a sec!
Would the people forgive the tyrants due to which their whole life is in tatters!!
And we are as muslims becoming tyrants on the name of jihad!!
By blowing themselves up!!
And while they are abt to do that the thought in their mind is an abode in paradise!
What a wishful and optimistic thing!
Seemingly as imposible as me becoming a king of the world!!
Got detracted frm the topic a little bt what i wanted to say was that would i be able to stand in front of God being responsible for whatever is happening in the world if i was the ruler!!
No i wouldnt!!
Because i would have been accountable for every living thing tht is on the land!!
And we are talking here abt hundreds of men dying everyday!!
This thought brings me back to the reality of life!!
No need for a pinch to get me back frm my dream into the reality! Just the realisation and the thought is enough!
To make me remain wide awake!!
Make me have sympathy for the leaders and kings we have nw accountable for things that they may never have thought of!!!
I want the world to be a better place to live!
Again wishful thinking from my side!!
I guess most of you who would finish reading my blog must be thinking that i am wishing for a miracle to happen!!
I am optimistic though because i feel miracles do happen if ur belief in them is strong enough and with a long history being a proof of that!

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