Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All about our attitude and approach!!!!!

today we are celebrating with full spirit the holy festival of Eid-ul-Azha!!!!!
On that day we pay homage to the sacrifice that Hazrat Ibrahim gave by sacrificing his son in the way of God!!!!!
The problem that we face now is that our generation nowadays donot deem it appropriate to carry out the act of sacrificing the animals that we purchase for the particular purpose and slay them openly!!!!!!!!!!
Majority of the people think that the way we slay the animals is beyond the boundary of humanity and is a violation of Animal rights!!!!!
The Question i have is that are we fulfilling the human rights first?????
No we are not to be very fair!!!!!!!
Thousands of people are losing their lives everyday and millions of families are affected due to our inhuman acts!!!!
Does anyone pay heed to that????\
Its a BIG FAT NO in this regard!!!!!!!
Now its all abt the priorities that we set and act accordingly!!!!!
Our top priority is the fulfillment of the human rights!!!!!!!
For me atleast it holds the top position in the list of priorities!!!!!!!
The dillema is that majority of the people think that by avoiding meat and the associated stuff they have fulfilled their rights in helping the environment!!!!!!
but if we value life so much then we should also keep in mind that the plants are also living creatures!!!!
they also have a life!!!!!
Its Only that they cannot move and talk!!!!!!!
The only eatable thing that we can eat without harming the environment and any other living creature is Honey!!!!!
and we cannot survive on that alone!!!!!!!
It is the spirit that counts in the holy festival that we celebrate!!!!!!!!!
And our attitude towards what is happening!!!!!!!!!!
If we take the ritual as compulsory and even if we think of it as gross or anything of that sort we must keep that in mind that it is an order frm God to whoever affords!!!!!!!!
now we must also realize that behind every order of God there is a positve outcome behind it!!!!!!!!
This event also teaches us that we have to obey Gods order!!!!!!!
And help us in the long run to invoke in us the spirit of sacrifice!!!!!
Plus the it is an occasion for the poor to celebrate as well!!!!!
those who cannot afford even a single time's meal can enjoy the flavor of meat and can eat a mouthful for atleast that particular day!!!!!!!
By sacrificing the animal we are pleasing God fulfiling the basic human right of helping the poor by giving them money for the purchase of the animal and by giving them food to eat!!!!!!!!
The animal rights are also kept in mind!!!!!!!
A week before the ritual the animals are looked after as they are the VVIPs!!!!!!!
All the needs of them are looked after!!!!!
They are walked around fed properly and cared for!!!!!!
Now what is inhuman and barbaric in that??????\\
we are establishing a bond of brotherhood by helping the poor and getting together and realize that neither money nor any form of life holds any importance for us!!!!!!!!!
On this note i wish the Whole nation and whoever reads my Blog a very happy Eid!!!!!!
Hope that my blog can make the people realize the importance of the event and i personally would feel that i have achieved a lot if my blog can help even a single person!!!!!!!!
It is all about our attitude and approach with what we precieve the things around us!!!!!!
if our mindset approach and attitude is positive then we can find all the positives in the world from the seemingly grossest things and acts!!!!!!!!


  1. I think you ought to understand my views on this too.
    "If cleanliness is supposed to be half of our faith, then I am sorry to say but we get a clear F grade, when it comes to Eidul Azha."
    This clearly represent one of my criticism towards people on Eidul Azha. I have never criticized the Eid itself.
    for further read:
    The second thing which I think everyone would agree upon is we let our children play with the sacrificial animal. The children get attached with the animals and form a sort of relationship with them. but when we publicly slaughter those animals, the kids really feel bad and it can have a psychological impact on them. One more thing, a child's mind is very innocent; he do what he sees his elder doing.. so the kid might start to torture other animals as it is just another norm of society... and it would be interesting for you to know that there is a link between animal abuse and serial killing.
    I think the sacrificial animals should not be slaughtered publicly and in front of children; they should be slaughtered in Slaughter Houses.
    for further read:

  2. the BASIC reason Muslims of India wanted a separate homeland was that we didnt want a hidden sacrifice.... we wanted it to be an OPEN practice
    when u say that children should not develop a liking, I ask what use is... such a sacrifice where there is no relation... what is the MEANING of sacrifice? that we give away what we had NO PSYCHOLOGICAL affiliation with? Ofcourse not! Its not a FAVOR we r doing to God... mostly ppl think that hum koi EHSAAN kr rhay hain khuda per sacrifice kr k... NO! without developing affiliation how can u mean to SACRIFICE?
    Keeping children away would surely mean that they know nothing about the Father who was about to kill/murder his son just because God wanted him to do so, just bcoz of the love he had for his Allah... can we not sacrifice an animal we are affiliated with so that we may try to follow that man who was abot to sacrifice his beloved son?
    We NEED to educate OUR COMING GENERATIONS about the greatness of that Man and his love for his God!
    Third.... I dont think we should become SO machanical that we start slaughtering in slaughter houses.... zindagi naam ki koi cheez hoti hai, KEEP EVERYTHING AWAY FROM HUMAN BEINGS mean u want to keep them away from NATURE! When an animal is slaughtered in front of me, I know how that animal behaves, I know how its interior looks and how OUR GOD made that animal!!! as far as cleanliness is concerned, yes there is a concern about that... but IS SLAUGHTER HOUSES THE ONLY LEFT SOLUTION? Why not I clean my house and let the blood move NOT outside the house but towards the drainage of my own house and wash my house thoroughly? why not I throw the remains outside but wash it of blood properly and give it to the needy (like we give away skins?)
    When God said that cleanliness is half faith, He didnt mean that only the ones who can afford slaughter houses are faithful... He meant EACH ONE OF US TO TAKE PART IN THIS EFFORT... not just the Govt. who has LOADS AND LOADS of other stuff to do!

  3. @Namrah... I have talked with my friends in many other Muslim and non-Muslim counties; all of them are unaware of the practice of slaughtering the animals in public.I have never heard about that we should sacrifice an animal openly. If you want to study its anatomy, go become a VET. Would you rather like to quote some reference to justify your point?

    When I didn't say that we couldn't clean our houses ourselves. I just pointed out that we need to take care of cleanliness. I never said that we should let the cleanliness on govt hands. Please don't manipulate my comments.
    One more thing namrah.. you said Allah wont accept our Kurbani if we don't form an association with the sacrificial animal. Well I don't think Allah will look at the NEEYAT of a small child of age 6-7 in order to decide wether to accept the KURBANI or not... I never also mentioned that we are doing an EHSAAN, as you put it, on Allah by sacrificing an animal. It's our duty to do so. We show that we submit to His will and are His servants.
    Animal abuse can also increase if we let a 6-7 child witness the slaughter of an animal because the child can consider it a norm.
    Now please don't come to tell me that if parents guide their children then such thing wont happen. I have interned in psychiatric ward of DHQ hospital, where everyday parents would come and complain that their children don't listen to them, kill/play with animals.
    A 6-7 year child doesn't have the capability to understand the importance. It's better if the parent guide the child but do you really think a child can understand it. it would be a bad influence on the child if we first tell him to love something then we ourselves are killing it(killing because that's what the child would think). the child would definitely be confused.

  4. Eid indeed is a messy thing here, where the animals are slaughtered publically.
    As said by Shahzaib, it leaves an ever lasting bad impression on children and causes a drastic change in their behaviour towards living creatures.
    on the other hand i do agree to what you wrote tht human rights come first!!!
    EID brings joy and happiness for all and being a part of ur religion adds upto its significance. the value of sacrifice is highlighted in the event and it shows tht our faith should be strong enough to even sacrifice our most beloved thing for Allah Almighty!
    in my opinion younger children should be refrained from observing sacrifice directly while they should be taught abt the essence of the event. relating to giving a portion of meat to the poor and needy and also to relatives. teaching them to share their wealth and belogings with those who need it more then themslevs!!!
    in the end its all a matter of perception...a gr8 article indeed!